Why you need to get waterproofing services

Why you need to get waterproofing services

Investing a huge sum of money in owning a property or construction business becoming a passion nowadays. A new house or building space is classically decorated with excellent interiors to get into a better lifestyle. These types of interior works have become a dream for many people. Water leaks in the classically decorated homes will spoil entire work in the particular property. Waterproofing is a precautionary step to avoid the water leaks in the walls of the buildings. Mainly waterproofing in Sri Lanka is grabbing attention because rainfall is abundant during the winter seasons.

Waterproofing services offer different kinds of strategies to prevent water leakage in the buildings. Many prime office space buildings are mandatorily doing the waterproofing to protect the buildings. So this demand improved the waterproofing sector in the construction fields. Waterproofing services has a simple formula is as follows

  • Identifying the leak source
  • Skilled workings
  • Destroying the issue from the source

Why Waterproofing Is Important

  • Avoid health hazards

The building walls tend to absorb moisture. Without waterproofing, it will absorb more moisture. The accumulation of moisture makes the surface wet. This will initiate the growth of bacteria, fungi, and molds. The person who stays in the building space may develop an allergy because of these organisms. Waterproofing prevents the absorption of moisture. This avoids the health risks for the people within the building space. This moisture affects Indoor Air Quality by creating odor. This air quality contamination also affects people’s health. This can also be prevented by waterproofing.

  • Protection of building

A building structure is important while owning a property. This structure will be damaged if the water absorbed or seep through the building structure. The painting of the building can protect the building to some extent. But waterproofing is the best solution. It safeguards the building with additional layer protection. The waterproofing sector has many streams like roof waterproofing, bathroom waterproofing. These many types of waterproofing ensure additional protection of the building structure.

  •  The Appearance of the building

Owning a house is a lifetime dream for people. Water leakage in the home or office space will spoil the interiors of the building. Water leakage may penetrate the painted wall resulting in the peeling of paint or puffing of the wall surface. Hence waterproofing will prevent the peeling of paint. It also maintains the classy look of the house for a longer time. It will also maintain the lifespan of the painting for several years.

  • Safety aspects

All the construction must have an electricity connection inside the surface of the wall. The water seepage may affect the electricity line of the house. This may result in a short circuit. Otherwise, this might become a safety issue for the persons when the electricity line is affected by water seepage. In this aspect, waterproofing is necessary to avoid this type of risk.

Waterproofing is essential for the above reasons. Many kinds of waterproofing techniques are now in use. In considering Sri Lanka, barralastic waterproofing is commonly used. It is a technique that uses liquid polymer and powder mix. It used in the coating of water tanks, interior sumps, kitchen, toilet floor to prevent water intrusion.


Benefits of Hiring Professionals for Waterproofing Company in Sri Lanka

Waterproofing offered by professionals will provide a long-lasting solution for water leakage problems. The problem must be diagnosed correctly. Professional service has an expert system to diagnose the problem to give a better solution. The service provider can provide a technologically updated treatment method in waterproofing. They also offer free engineering consultation to study the nature of the problem. Skilled work is an important criterion to be analyzed while going for waterproofing works. Since experienced staff members and skilled works only provide waterproofing treatment, which can last for a longer duration. Profession service can ensure the quality of work. Professional also effectively ensures the timely completion of work. It will also give customer friendly services to the people. The warranty of the waterproofing materials can be provided by professional service for a period of 10 years. The quality of chemicals used for waterproofing will be eco-friendly. These eco-friendly products will cause harm to the environment and safer for people. The service provider can give a cost-effective service to the customer.

 Quality! Comfort! Eco-friendly nature! Economical service! 

These are the major highlights of a professional service provider in Sri Lanka.

How to Waterproofing your bathroom

How to Waterproofing your bathroom

Waterproofing is the method in preventing the penetration of water into the building spaces. The major wet area in houses, office space, showrooms, or anywhere is bathrooms.In this article, I will show everything you need know about bathroom waterproofing in Sri Lanka.

Bathrooms are not alone a place to get fresh; it is a place of rejuvenation and refreshment. Based upon individual choice bathrooms are built. Of all other rooms in the house, the bathroom needs to be waterproofed to a maximum extinct. The whole look of the home gets disturbed when the bathroom is water penetrated. Failure in waterproofing of the bathroom may result in the loss of a good look at bathrooms. Also, it may lead to structural damage to the building. This will increase the overall maintenance cost of the building up to 30 to 35% of the total cost depending upon initial investment in the building. Hence bathroom waterproofing is the important criterion to be considered while constructing a building



  For waterproofing of the technique is cementitious waterproofing, which is the easiest way to waterproof buildings. It is the commonly used method to waterproof frequently wet areas such as bathrooms and toilets. The materials such as PVC like tape, waterproof grout, waterproof coat such as a cementitious polymer, water sealant are used.


Bathrooms and toilets require high protection against moisture. Hence composite waterproofing is preferred. In this composite waterproofing acrylic coating and tiling, the system is done using ceramic covering.


  • Surface preparations: The bathroom surface must be cleaned to make free of dust. The surface must be scrapped to make it smooth.
  • Priming of bathrooms: primer is applied with the help of roller brush up to the required height and floor of the bathrooms.
  • Bond breakers: as the primer is dried, silicon must be applied up to the required height. Silicon is applied vertically and horizontally to avoid gaps.
  • First coat of waterproofing: the membrane is applied to cover joints, sinks, shower fixtures so that all the critical areas are finished. Then the membrane should be applied to the walls and floor.
  • Second coat of waterproofing: after the first coating gets dry, a similar type of second coating is repeated by applying the membrane.


The dampness and leakages are due to the sanitary fittings that are made in bathrooms, weakening of clay material coating between the floor tiles in bathrooms, quality of plumbing materials. The following are the common defects that occur in bathrooms and toilets,

  • Structural join seepage: Low quality of material, poor application of materials leads to the seepage of structural joints.
  • Porous concrete leakage: It is due to improper design and insufficient mixing, concrete absorbs water becomes porous in nature.
  • Tile cracks: When the tiles are not soaked properly, then they lose the water-tightness over a period of time. This leads to damage by further construction activities. 
  • Rusting: Because of moisture-retaining in the floor bed results in leaching of surfaces, growth of algae, and fungi. It is due to prolonged dampness and poor ventilation.
  • Leakage at pipe penetration and joints: Without proper planning of plumbing works and lack of protection in concealed or embedded pipes, which can cause severe damage and structural defects.
  • Floor trap leakage: Floor trap is used to prevent unpleasant odor, seeping of insects into the buildings. Improper laying of floor trap so that water can seep through floors.
  • Tile debonding: because of inadequate provision or wrong detailing joints or excessive shrinkage of the substrate due to improper mixing and sufficient curing.

bathroom waterproofing in Sri Lanka

Slab Waterproofing in Sri Lanka

Slab Waterproofing in Sri Lanka

The construction sector is the biggest platform for industrial development. The construction of a building without any defect is practically impossible. Hence Slab Waterproofing is indispensable nowadays in Sri Lanka to protect the attractive appearance of the building and to avoid the structural damages caused by water and other chemicals. The main reason for the importance of slab waterproofing is to ensure the safety of the occupants. Waterproofing is essential to resist the penetration of water into the building surfaces, which results in corrosion, leaking, and other problems. The waterproofing system is needed to maintain

  • Perfect structure
  • Healthy environment
  • Aesthetic appearance

Mainly the quality of waterproofing materials reduces the rate of corrosion in the building structure. Hence the quality of materials plays an important role in slab waterproofing. Commonly waterproofing is done by using bitumen materials. To bring effectiveness in waterproofing reinforced materials are used to meet the industrial requirements. Crystalline proofing and flexible waterproofing system were introduced to the construction sector. The slab waterproofing methods have two types, namely roof slab proofing and ground slab proofing.

 Slab waterproofing methods in Sri Lanka

Common causes of water leakage in buildings

The most prevalent problem in the building is leakage of water through seeps, cracks, and pores, etc. the water seepage may take place due to defects in construction, faulty compaction, uneven distribution of raw materials and improper sloping. If the building is built with zero defect and there will be no requirement for slab waterproofing. Hence the waterproofing plays a major role in the construction sector.

  1. Hairline cracks

The cracks can be caused by the weak foundation, rusting of reinforced steel, an improper arrangement of cement blocks. Hairline cracks are called settling cracks that appear in new houses after the first two years. The development of hairline cracks allows the entry of water inside the buildings.

  1. Spalling of concrete

Spalling of concrete is another major defect of the formation of corrosion in the bars within the building leading to the breakage of concrete. The damage of concrete results due to the presence of moisture.

  1. Biological growths

Biological growth, like fungal growth, occurs because of the presence of pores in the buildings. On top of the roof, more moisture exposure can lead to the formation of fungal growth, which can affect the texture of the roof surface gradually.

MRC Engineering Solutions (Pvt) Ltd, Building Slab Waterproofing Sri Lanka 

Our company MRC Engineering Solutions (Pvt) Ltd, is a professional firm that is mainly focused on waterproofing materials. Our company is using two-component polymer modified cementitious waterproofing and liquid waterproofing for roof slabs and bathrooms. These materials are suitable to bridge the hairline cracks up to 1mm. It also acts as an effective adhesive with the concrete surface, making the surface nature is impermeable to water penetration. The flexibility of the proofing materials is more important to be considered. We are focussing on the elongation properties of the materials to ensure maximum flexibility so that the age of the waterproofing can be prolonged. We do very reasonable price building slab waterproofing in Sri Lanka. Finally, in a market sector, the economic products can survive in the competitive platform. Our firm ensures these materials are both economical and eco-friendly (i.e.) non -toxic in nature.

Rooftop / Bathroom Waterproofing Solutions

Rooftop / Bathroom Waterproofing Solutions

01. Cementitious waterproofing

Cementitious waterproofing is used for high moisture areas like bathrooms and toilets since they are not exposed to sunlight. This is semi-flexible.

02. Liquid waterproofing Method

03. Bituminous layering Method

Bituminous coatings proofings method is the best waterproofing method you can select, here watch video Bituminous layering waterproofing Method.

04. Polyurethane liquid membrane

This is a slightly expensive waterproofing method used to coat flat roof areas. This method provides higher flexibility.

Barralastic waterproofing

Barralastic waterproofing is a mostly used technique in Sri Lanka for water tanks or sumps before tiling or finishing surface. 

Rooftop waterproofing

Rooftop waterproofing can be done in two ways; one is a liquid applied membrane, which is a liquid form, will be used on the surface, and the other way is the preformed sheet membrane, which is a sheet that will be applied by heat or attached with an adhesive. 

Slab Waterproofing Sri Lanka

Now you may have a question on your mind whether waterproof paint can solve all these issues. True. When compared to the other waterproofing techniques, waterproof paints sound like cost-cutting options since various types of paints are available in the market at a competitive price. At a glance, you may find it helps to lower the budget, reality it is not. Will reveal the truth behind the scene.

Waterproofing paints are usually applied to the wall or the structure via a spray applicator, a brush or a roller. Once it dried on the wall, they are making a strong bond with the concrete by coating a continuous layer. These products consist of an oil or latex base. So you will feel like this is the perfect solution. Unfortunately, up to today, no one has found a waterproof paint which works in dependably. So we are not in a position to rely on these kinds of products. As well as there is a considerable disadvantage in these kinds of paints. It doesn’t last long. The coating of waterproof paint will begin to flake and peel off the walls with the time. So it is a gigantic task to remove this coating once it is dried. So this will not add a pleasant appearance, and you have to pay an extra amount of money and waste time to redo another process. Apart from these issues, waterproofing paints don’t come with consultations or warranty period. So you have to be mindful and see the long term before jumping into a conclusion.

MRC Waterproofing in Sri Lanka

So we, MRC Engineering Solutions, are the pioneers of the Waterproofing industry in Sri Lanka. We are the masters of providing exceptional pre and post consulting services for all the roofing and waterproofing issues. Our company has over six years of proven performance record. We are the service providers of all the exterior fields, which include roofing waterproofing (above and below-grade) exterior facing systems, brick, precast, and many other types of building facades. We have expertise in every area to serve you with the best. We serve our customers with an ulterior vison that to provide proficient and reliable service to our customers in all the four corners of this small island.

MRC Engineering Solutions serves the customer with multiple protection modes to its consultation services such as;

Waterproofing Systems

• Heat/fusion applied (torch on) membranes
• Self-adhesive membranes
• Polyurethane systems
• Cementation systems
• Acrylic systems
• Rubberized bitumen emulsion
• Polysulphide and polyurethane joint sealants ∙ Hypalon/ epoxy joint sealing membrane

Why should you choose us?

For the time being, waterproofing is an amateur function for the majority of Sri Lankans, when you go through this piece of work, you might get a clear idea of what exactly waterproofing is.
So if you want to invest in waterproofing your roof or any other structure, you have to consult a professional unless otherwise your money and time will be in jeopardy. So the correct choice will be ended you up with a truly watertight property. A good professional company is always going to work hard to ensure that you get the right consultation and the service. Finally, they make sure you will get the waterproofed property for the value of the money you have paid. It is always really important to check on the customer reviews since you need up working with a trustworthy service provider.

So, MRC Engineering is a well-reputed and trustworthy waterproofing company in Sri Lanka. There are experienced professionals as well as young generation professionals with more genius minds who are under our shelter to render yeoman service to our customers. Our works are crystal clear. Always we maintain transparency to keep trust with our customers. Most importantly, we make sure to use quality waterproofing products to serve the best results. Our new customers can review past work and spend plenty of time to look for different reviews. So you will get the possibility to express yourself, and we are flexible and open-armed for our customers’ ideas. If you want more clarifications or have any doubts, our team is always there for you with the free consultation service. Even after our service is done, we make sure our customer is getting the post-service consultation.

Few our major projects are All Swimming pools and waterproofing works of Southern Constructions and Engineering, Residence of Mr Sunil Mendis (former Governor of Central Bank of Sri Lanka), Residence of Mr Eric Upashantha (former Sri Lankan cricketer) at Kirulapana, Swimming pool of Mr Kithruwan Vithanage (former Sri Lankan cricketer) at Dehiwala. For more project reviews, our web site is always open for you.

Cost-effective best waterproofing company, 10 years of an industrial Warranty