Dampness results in untidy structures- Causes, effects and solution


Dampness is simply stated water retained in the building surface. But it is a major defect that reduces the self-life and appearance of the buildings. Excess water, either liquid or vapour creates dampness. It has lethal effects if it is not considered a serious problem. Waterproofing is a method to avoid this problem in the construction sector. Waterproofing in Srilanka is now growing with different methods to solve the dampness.

Causes of dampness

Certain factors are the main reason for the dampness is as follows,

  • Imperfect infrastructure

Water escapes through tiny drips in plumbing work. Mainly hairline cracks make the structure moist and damp.

  • Ground penetration:

Water from soil penetrates into the building foundation. Due to the capillary action, the water moves upward makes the surface damp.

  • Rainwater retention:

Rainwater splashing in outer surfaces all over the building results in moisture entering the wall.

  • Improper finishing works

Imperfect wall joints, roof joints can causes dampness in the building. This imperfect finishing has small holes to allow water to create dampness in the walls.

  • Interstitial condensation

Water vapor produced within the building space results in damages due to the condensation of water in the wall surface. Condensation is the process of conversion of water vapour into water drops. This water retained in the wall causes dampness.

Effect of dampness

The spoilage and adverse effect due to dampness is followed,

  • Painting and decoration in your house get damaged easily. Bleaching and flaking of paint also occur due to dampness.
  • Untreated dampness for a longer time reduces the life of the buildings and floors.
  • Moisture encourages the growth of mould/fungi in the wall surface. It leads to an unhygienic condition in your building structure, causing health issues, and becomes a threat to life.
  • Mixing of moisture with a brick surface makes the soluble salt deposition in the building structure. This results in crystallization on the wall surface.
  • Antique finished interiors in your buildings made of wooden base get spoiled easily.

MRC Engineering Waterproofing Solution

Thinking for a better solution to dampness. Only one answer is ‘waterproofing.’ Waterproofing is making the surface free from moisture. MRC waterproofing services provide the best waterproofing methods with quality material to prevent water retention in the floors, walls, bathrooms, and roofs. We use polymer-based cementitious waterproofing and liquid waterproofing in roofs and bathrooms.

Roof & Terrace Waterproofing

Every waterproofing method is so keen on the materials used for it. Roof waterproofing certain common materials like cementitious, bituminous based, and liquid membranes. Liquid membrane is a more flexible nature instead of fixed bonded joints. Roof and terrace is the area where it is more vulnerable to hard climatic conditions. So liquid membrane is preferred for this method because of its flexible nature. This nature will make it last longer than other materials. Rooftop waterproofing is more effective in protecting the dampness of the building. Roof floor and terrace floor is the most affected area to direct sunlight and rainfall. So these areas require proper protection from dampness.

Bathroom Waterproofing

The bathroom is the area where most of the water use takes place in any kind of building. Next to the roof and terrace, the bathroom is the place which should be properly waterproofed. MRC engineering is one of the best companies in waterproofing in Srilanka. It offers the best service in preventing dampness in bathroom waterproofing. The most commonly used material in this method is a cementitious, polymer-based, and liquid membrane. Our company offers excellent service for this service.

Likewise, the kitchen is also an area where it needs proper shielding from water to enter into the bricks and wall surface. Our company offers the best customer-friendly and cost-effective services in the waterproofing service in Srilanka. PREVENT DAMPNESS, PROTECT YOUR INFRASTRUCTURE WITH MRC ENGINEERING SERVICES AT The BEST QUALITY……!!!


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