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MRC Waterproofing is proud to be one of the leading combinations of waterproofing contractors in Sri Lanka. We provide quality waterproofing services to commercial, industrial, and residential customers.

What We Do

Waterproofing Service

MRC Engineering Solutions, a proven master of the waterproofing industry, serves the customers with all sorts of waterproofing solutions and consulting services.

Waterproofing Repairs

One of our highlighted services is waterproofing repairs. Our expertise is always willing to investigate all your water-related hazards of the property and make them fixed forever.

Waterproofing Consulting

Our company’s wide range of services includes waterproofing consulting as well. We are conducting a surface assessment and provide all the findings to our customers with appropriate solutions.

About MRC Waterproofing Solutions

MRC Waterproofing is specialized in providing high-quality consulting services for roofing and waterproofing issues. Our experience covers all exterior fields, including roofing, waterproofing (above and below-grade) exterior facing systems, brick, precast, and many other types of building facades. MRC can investigate/evaluate your water intrusion problems and or concerns, provide cost-effective solutions, develop technical specifications, obtain cost proposals from qualified contractors.

Also, We provide construction monitoring services to help ensure the work is performed correctly.

MRC’s staff have been providing this service in 07+ years and have a proven performance record. MRC takes pride in being project-specific in addressing your needs.

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Providing the best service and quality workshop at cost-effective prices. Maintaining well trained and motivated staff complement to ensure consistency and maintaining integrity and transparency in dealing with our customers and staff.


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Let MRC Waterproofing take care of all your waterproofing and insulation needs.


Highly Skilled

MRC has made its strategy to grow with the industry. Hence we will be able to stay on top and stay competitive. Further, acquire more clients and contracts and expand our footprint even more across Sri Lanka. To implement this strategy of growth, we rely heavily on word of mouth from our previous clients and the strong marketing plan we have in place to market our business and the services we provide.

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“Our vision is to provide proficient and reliable service to our customers’ national wide and become one of the main players in the waterproofing construction industry by exercising the skills and expertise we are endowed.”

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